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Shower Set - Example 2A

Shower Set - Example 2A


Shower Set - Example 2A

This example shower set comprises of a shower rose suspended from above, and controlled by a pair of wall valve taps.

The ceiling shower arms provide an overhead shower in any situation you would like. These come in three lengths to accommodate ceiling heights and can also be custom made if required.

Shower roses come in three dimensions with the 200mm being the most popular. The standard rose has a perforated plate and, when calcification is a problem in hard water areas, specify the Easyclean version with rubber holes.

Shower fittings are machined from brass by English craftsmen, hand-polished and coated in a choice of five beautiful finishes – Chrome, Nickel, Pewter, Gold and English Bronze.

AU.5311 - Ceiling shower outlet 100mm
AU.5312 - Ceiling shower outlet 300mm
AU.5313 - Ceiling shower outlet 600mm
AU.5205 - 200mm shower rose with perforated plate
AU.3231 - Wall valve set with levers